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Putting Things Back Together, 2012, detail

_Putting Things Back Together_, 2012.jpeg

Jigsaw, 2020-2021


Jigsaw, 2020-2021, detail

_Jigsaw_, 2020, partial installation view.jpeg

Science Lab, 2021

Science Lab.jpeg

Dime Store, 2021

DIme Store.jpeg

It's Gonna Be Okay, 2020

It's Gonna Be Okay.jpeg

Ordinary, 1997

_Ordinary_, 1997.jpeg

Some Tame Gazelle, 2015

_Some Tame Gazelle_, 2015.jpeg

Connected By A Thread, 2019

_Connected by a Thread_ - 2019.jpeg

Untitled, 1995-2020

Beldner - Part Two.jpeg

In Aid of What, 2020

_In Aid of What_, 2020.jpeg

Obstacles of Every Sort, 2020

_Obstacles of Every Sort_, 2020.jpeg

Jumble Sale, 2017

_Jumble Sale _- 2017.jpeg

Talking and Waving, 2011

_Talking and Waving_, 2011.jpeg

Fox Glove, 2018

_Fox Glove_, 2018.jpeg
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